Mentorship programme

This programme is aimed for programmers that are at the beginning of their careers, or for any kind of programmer that wants to sharpen their skills.

Here you will find:

  • A set of specially crafted exercises to help you understand the most important concepts and why they matter so much.
  • Exercises to help you apply these concepts and learn by doing. I try to craft these exercises in a manner such that they look like real tasks you would get in a tech company.


For learning specific technologies, you can opt to do a full featured project using the target technologies, so that you will encounter real-life challenges, you will most likely encounter in a real project.

Frontend (React) (you will receive a backend, and you'll have to implement a frontend for it from scratch)
Backend (Python + Django) (You will receive a suite of API tests that will check the correctness of your API)

Fun project ideas

If you want to improve your skills or mess around with some code but you lack ideas, here are some interesting project ideas.

Fronted (using already existing and publicly accessible backends)