Mentorship programme - apply

I am looking for 2-3 mentees that are eager to learn and improve their coding skills!

Why am I doing this?

The tech industry is growing, and the demand of new tech professionals can't keep up with the supply. A lot of people are drawn to this industry, start learning to code, but learning without a direction is overwhelming. So many topics to explore. As a person without any experience with programming, it's hard to determine what to study next.

Being able to learn by themselves is an important skill, but it has its limits. If you don't have somebody more experienced to guide you, you are more likely to build up bad habits, do more mistakes, take much longer to achieve the same thing.

Plus that there are some paid schools out there that promise that if you do their paid courses, they will get you hired in the tech sector, drawing a lot of hopeful people, but failing to deliver for them. A few weeks are not enough to teach you enough from scratch to get a job.

I want to help people to get in the tech industry the right way: learning and understanding the fundamentals instead of memorizing interview questions and programming languages, and with the right problem solving mindset instead of the code monkey mindset (nothing being wrong with it, but if you are one, don't expect a high salary, respect in the industry or becoming indispensable for a company).

Who can apply?

Everyone interested in tech, that dipped their toes in code a little, and proves interest in the tech itself.

I am looking for people who:

  • are from Iași, Romania
  • don't want to work in the IT industry just for the money
  • are passionate about solving problems (preferably through code)
  • can talk and are interested in tech (things will get VERY technical, with things like networking, memory management, operating system internals, etc)
  • can demonstrate that they are proactive. The best way to demonstrate this is by having some side projects
  • are able to dedicate a few hours each week to work on a side project

How to apply

1. Send me an email to, put an emoji with a rocket in the subject 🚀 and send me a link with your Linkedin profile (it's kind of a requirement for working in the IT industry. If you don't have one, better create one).

2. Then, I'll respond, no matter what. My spare time forces me to accept only 2-3 people, so unfortunately not all the applications will be accepted 🙁

3 .Then we'll schedule a video call to get to meet each other online, and have a quick interview. There won't really be anything too technical, just general things, to assess your passion level 🔥 for tech. (We will have the calls mostly after 6pm during the week or in weekends)

4. Then, I'll let you know how it went, if you'll be accepted, we'll start the work right away. If not, I'll be able to provide some feedback to aid you in your next steps. I don't want it to be a waste of anybody's time.

You got accepted, what will you need to do?

  • We will decide together what you will do: either a full blown project, or individual exercises
  • I will prepare some tasks for you, similar to what you will receive at a job: some requirements, some explanation for what it needs to be done
  • Depending on your pace, we will schedule regular video calls to see the progress, I'll review your code and offer suggestions, sometimes I'll even refactor your code offering explanations for each refactoring step.

Things that you will learn

  • Writing good code that stands out
  • Thinking like a programmer and having systematic approaches
  • Good productivity tactics (debugging code efficiently, navigating through code bases, etc.)