I am Vlad Călin, I live in Iași, Romania and I am a full-stack software developer currently working for the danish company Vuuh .

I am a big Python enthusiast and I also enjoy working with other languages/tools such as JavaScript, Docker, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, etc.

I am a big fan of developing horizontally instead of vertically and because of that I like trying and using the newest technologies and learning about all kind of things such as operating systems, networking, virtualization, user experience and many others.

My life statement is that I see life as a game in which you participate whether you like it or not, and because of that you might at least learn its rules. Because of that I am trying to learn as much as I can about the following topics

  • Technology - to do things more efficiently.
  • Economy - to understand society and its workings.
  • Pshicology - to understand people.
  • Probabilities and statistics - because nothing is absolute.