Unfortunately I have the tendency to start a lot of projects and finish few of them but I list them here anyway.


  • - A directory with information about various touristic destinations (touristic attractions and local restaurants and pubs so far). Its source code is private for the moment.


  • wattle - A Python library that converts YAML files or plain dicts into a hierarchy of classes, based on an already defined schema. MIT License.
  • bricks - A Python tool that simplifies the management of the development environment. Kind of like a gnu-make on steroids. Still a work on progress but it is somewhat usable. MIT License.
  • skyscraper - a YAML based declarative web scraping tool. Still a work in progress. MIT License.
  • gemstone - framework for microservices. MIT License.
  • pycoin - proof of concept of a Python based blockchain, for learning purposes. So far it supports wallet management, basic node running, create transactions, check ballances. Kind of abandoned as I lost interest in it.