Personal expense and asset tracker

Status: Dead
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URL: Not available
Source code: Not available


I built this app for personal use, to track my assets, net worth and expenses. I use it to better manage my finances and budget. Because it contains confidential information, I'm not providing a URL to it, but it is deployed and only I have access to it.


  • Implementation: React + Relay (GraphQL client) + Bootstrap (customized via SCSS)
  • Deployment: Individual container, that serves the compiled static files with NGINX, in a Kubernetes cluster.


  • Implementation: Django + Graphene (for the GraphQL API) + PostgreSQL + Scaleway's S3 equivalent for backups
  • Deployment: Individual container, that serves the backend API via gunicorn (WSGI), in a Kubernetes cluster.

Status update 2021-04: This project is now dead, because I switched to an easier tracking method, based on the good ol' Google Sheets. I don't have the time anymore to focus too much on handling my finances very detailed, and I now only track certain more general parameters that don't need complicated aggregations and charts.