Package manager for reusable GodotLogic that used Gitlab for hosting

Status: Active

URL: https://gitlab.com/vladcalin/godotlibs
Source code: Not available

GodotLibs aims to be for Godot what pip is for Python.

Desired usage for managing libraries:

# in any Godot game project
godotlibs install TopDownMovement
godotlibs list
# TopDownMovement (1.0.0)
godotlibs uninstall TopDownMovement

Desired usage for using installed libraries in GdScript:

var movement = GodotLibs.import("TopDownMovement")
movement.move_left = "ui_left"
movement.move_right = "ui_right"
movement.move_top = "ui_top"
movement.move_down = "ui_down"
movement.speed = 200  # pixels per second

The design philosophy is to use the decorator pattern to extend/attach functionality to existing nodes, or have stand-alone classes that offer reusable plug'n'play functionality (eg. hex grids, normal grids, crafting system, skill system, etc).