About me

I am a tech enthusiast that is all about figuring out ways to resolve problems through software.

I started from the bottom as a junior software engineer who was frightened to push code out of fear of breaking things and angering the senior developers.  

Then I reached a phase where I only cared about the code and my sole purpose was writing the perfect code.

Later on I outgrew it, I started to understand that the code is a tool to solve problems and not the end goal.  

I became more and more focused on the problem at hand rather than the code, in my change to become more product and result oriented.  

I understood that the code doesn't exist in a void and there are so many areas around it I needed to dig into and understand, technical and non-technical.

Over time, I became a generalist.

And I love building things. I am a builder.  

Nowadays I am the CTO of Vuuh, a Danish startup that aims to be the missing piece in the retail industry that will enable easy, fast and seamless moving of industrial-scale data.