Who am I?

I am a guy that does whatever he can to help people overcome their fear of money. And right now, I bet you are thinking “What is this guy talking about? Who is afraid of money?”. Well, the truth is that almost everybody, mainly because most of the people know very little about money, what they represent and they lack the understanding of basic financial concepts. And because of that, people tend to be afraid of what they don’t understand. In fact, people are not afraid of money per se, they are afraid of how money (or the lack of money) can affect their life and this fear is amplified by the uncertainty that surround their finances.

What is this blog about?

I want to offer people a free tool to help them understand as more as possible about money and finances .I really believe that when people know more and are more familiar of the basic money concepts, they will be able to manage their finances better and that will ultimately lead to them having a better life. Because when you stop thinking and worrying about money all the time, you can focus on what matters for you most and make an impact.

What drives me?

The story is pretty simple: I have seen a lot of times the devastating power of money and how they can destroy people relations and even lives. And the saddest part is that people lives are crumbling to pieces because of bad financial decisions and it’s not even their fault. It’s not their fault that the government and even their parents considered that financial education is not that important and failed to educate them to take care of their finances or understand what happens when you take a bank loan or use a credit card.

So, I made my personal mission to try and teach people as much as I can about financial issues and money in general so that they will be able to make the best financial decisions for them and their families.

The end goal is to shift people worries away from money and allow them to focus on what is truly important for them, be it pursuing a passion, tutoring younger people or spending more time with their loved ones.

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