Who am I?

I am a guy that is very passionate about growth. What I mean by that? It’s pretty simple: I am an advocate of continuous improvement and reaching for the stars.

I strongly believe that no matter what, growth, whether we talk about ourselves as an individual or about businesses, is within reach if we work smart with carefully calculated steps. It’s all about understanding and adapting to other human’s behaviour. While it’s not intuitive at all, it is definitely learnable.

What do I do?

During my 9-18 job I am a software developer working with passion towards building products for our clients. My main concern is not whether the used technology is fancy enough, it only matters if the final product brings value for the clients. From my point of view, every time you talk about technology, you talk about the value that is brought to the people that interact with it.

Outside working hours, I enjoy reading and building products. My main areas of interest are the tech startup industry and of course, growth. I enjoy reading latest startup stories, learn from their mistakes or successes and analyze their actions so that I can replicate their results. I am interested in various related topics such as marketing, user experience, branding.

Get in touch

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