🇬🇧🇺🇸 I moved my blog to Ghost

I had multiple attempts to settle on a blog engine to write things on from time to time. I tried Wordpress, some static site generators, even built my own blog engine called DevXBlog. Now I moved everything to Ghost, and I hope it will be the last change I make with this.

Why? I came to the conclusion that I didn't actually want to maintain a SaaS-like product only to host some content. I eventually want to create multiple publications, and to do that, the work that I would have to put in DevXBlog would by far surpass the actual value I get from it. And to get it to a state where it would be worth financially, I would have to put in way more hours and effort.

Honestly, I just didn't have the energy left in me to focus on it. I ramped up other personal focuses (house maintenance, I also plan to dedicate a little bit more time to politics) and I would like to take a pause from software development in my spare time for a while. I still have a game development project I put in some time from time to time, but there's nothing urgent about it, and I can work on it at a very leisurely pace.

I moved all my posts to Ghost, and so far I am pleased with the result. I have less things to worry about such as backups and image hosting, and I finally understood the meaning behind the "build vs buy" debate. Sometimes it is worth to pay a few bucks to get the thing you want, instead of building it. It is a trap that too many fall in the software world.

Now, I will keep this Ghost blog as the main place where I post my thoughts about tech and startup, and it also has some features that I had in mind for DevXBlog but never got to implement them (themes, comments, featured post/page image, featured posts).

After almost half year hiatus from writing, I am back and I hope I will put out a new piece at least monthly, if not even more frequently.

Let's go!