🇬🇧🇺🇸 Bi-Weekly Progress #2

Two weeks went by since the last update , and it's that time again, to write a little about what I did in the last two weeks. Progress is made with tiny consistent steps (I encourage you to read about Non Zero Days and the post that started it all ). It's a very cool mindset trick that helps you grow and puts you on the path to a better life.

The start of the mentorship programme

The biggest accomplishment for the past two weeks is the kickstart of the mentorship programme . I finished with all the interviews, I met a lot of awesome people, but unfortunately I couldn't help them all. I had to choose a few, based on some set criterion: some JavaScript programming knowledge, willing to invest some of their free time in improving their skills. My mentorship programme is aimed at helping people improving their software development skills (teaching them good practices from the start, so that the can write impressive code in the technical interviews), their algorithmic and problem-solving skills (the most important things for a software engineer).

I settled down to three mentees (some changes appeared in the first week, when some of the initial picks gave up from the get-go and I went with the next on the waiting list instead). After all the swaps, I now work with two mentees who I will do my best to help them to land jobs as junior frontend engineers in the following months.

I started updating the problem set from my mentorship area of the website , with problems crafted to teach as many real-life skills as possible.

Working on Amethyst Platform

After a long hiatus of about a month, I resumed working on Amethyst Platform . I had to re-familiarize with the codebase, fight with some weird design choices and test drive the project a little to identify and fix some notorious bugs. I revisited my ClickUp task board to see what I have to do next, prioritize things a little to get to the first alpha release as soon as possible, and just code.

In these past two weeks, the work involved mostly bug fixing and minor improvements so that I re-familiarize myself with my own codebase, following next to implement the next big features (config and secret usage in the service descriptions, validating the config with better error messages upon application creation, tracking job and service time and resource usage as a first step towards implementing the billing cycle).


At Vuuh , the startup whose CTO I am, things are progressing from great to even greater. We are implementing important features that will help us secure more important partnerships, key features the industry demands, the team is growing. I can't divulge more information at this moment about specifics.

More personal projects

I started some more personal projects (of course, a builder never stops building) to explore some new concepts and technologies, scratch some personal itches and just have ol' good fun building things.

Some of the new things I started:

  • GodotLibs - a package manager for reusable logic for the Godot game engine
  • A roguelite spell crafting game with Godot - I couldn't resist starting to make another game, this time with a smaller scope. I don't have a name yet, I only have an broad idea for the concept, and the desire to add some new libraries in GodotLibs.

Next steps

The following weeks are crucial for Vuuh, where I plan to dedicate more of my time to it, because as we keep growing, more robust processes need to be put in place. And more robust processes require more tooling to be integrated in our workflow. I also need to put the bases for future departments (eg. QA, Infrastructure) so I need to spend some time designing and planning the growth plan (not really planning, it's rather more just thinking about it so I have a head start. Plus that I like to think about things).

O also plan to dedicate more time to working on some more side projects and do some experiments. Some technologies I want to explore in the future are: more frontend frameworks such as Svelte , get deeper into TypeScript to integrate it into existing React apps, look into better design system modularization techniques (such as the Atomic Design ).

And of course, implement some more features for Amethyst Platform