🇬🇧🇺🇸 SpamLabs: We are live!

We launched and we're ready to go!

Although there are a million things I would still want to do, I bit the bullet and made launched the MVP of SpamLabs: an API that tells whether a user is spammy or not based on the email address and generated content. As the popular saying goes "If you are not embarrassed of your product when you launched, you launched too late". I'll tackle the missing (or ugly) pieces one a time, while I gather feedback and iterate on it.

Usually, user generated platforms use concepts such as post, comments, direct messages, etc which are mediums that a bad user can use to spam.

The current 2023 anti-spam landscape seems to be focusing solely on email spam. There are no tools for this new age content format.

That was the situation up until today. SpamLabs is crafted specially for this kind of structured user generated content based on modern concepts: posts, comments, direct messages.

Check it out at https://spamlabs.io